Monday, December 27, 2010

wall calendar

i love this idea, but i see it in cork panels with push pins instead of dusty chalk.

chalk paint wall calendar at thisoldhouse

Monday, April 20, 2009


check out these phenomenal examples of book art.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

the world's thickest italian leather journal

*drools*... one day i'ma gonna make me something likea thisa.... check out the pictures.... wow.

The World's Thickest Italian Leather Journal ~ from Epica

fine book binding

"The Art of Bookbinding" from CBS News

Watch CBS Videos Online

i say WOW.... and i also say PHEW, i don't gotta bind books in that way, cuz it's way too tedious for me! (and i'm no where near that kind of skill level!!!), i love well-bound books, but mostly as journals, or rebound-bibles... for durability and use, not so much beauty. (but i realize those books in the video are probably extremely durable and archival...)

one thing i *am* somewhat interested in doing is covering some journals with some original pen&ink drawings.... truly one of a kind. as with most artists, i think, ugh, MY drawings?! eww!!!.... but i know most people seem to like them, and what can i say, i'm biased.... against myself (as many artists are, sad to say... but that's probably better than a proud artist, no?) lol

Friday, December 26, 2008

the reason

*giggles*... ok, now that christmas has passed, i can FINALLY share the reason for starting this blog....!!!

....too broke to buy christmas gifts this year, i got making little books for at least the people i was going to see on christmas day... and i made 12 in total... a variety - from notebooks, to coptic bound mini books, to some quasi-hardbound journals... and i realized how much i love doing it. it's something i know how to do well enough that i can slap some paper and thread and cardboard together and recycle it to make something giveable.... yet in doing so i am continuously learning *what not to do*, and all things i did wrong... i missed considering paper grain, for example. *arrrgh*

since i was a kid, the stationary store has often been my favorite place.... and as a frequent journaller in my adult years, i became infinitely frustrated with journals that don't lay flat... and proceeded to learn how to make my own.

now as for this blog.... i wanted a place to post my projects, link to bookbinding blogs i want to read regularly, and list resources so they don't get lost in my never ending list of browser bookmarks....

...unfortunately, i didn't get any pictures of the projects i've just finished... but i did get a renewed request to fix a friends bible, and some curious questions like, 'HOW on earth did you make this?!?'

my only answer.... 'um... i sewed it?"


Saturday, December 20, 2008

testing, testing

lah dee dah.

(insert mundane 'welcome to my new blog' message here)...